Updated Articles

  1.  Streamlining Fax Communication with Updox

    Learn how Updox simplifies the document management process in your practice.
  2.  Simplifying Patient Forms

    Getting your patients to fill out online paperwork ahead of their appointments can be a headache. Learn how Updox is simplifying that process.
  3.  Updox Video Chat - Convenient Care Made Possible

    Patient expectations about how they want to interact with their doctor is changing. Learn how this trend can open up new opportunities for your practice.
  4.  Streamlining Fax Communication with Updox

  5. Which Updox Printer Do I Need?

  6. Which Printer Do I Need?

  7.  How to: Install the Updox Printer

  8. How to: Use Video Chat

  9. Video Chat FAQ

  10.  How to: Use Video Chat