Part one - Reminders Overview
Updox Reminders is a two-way messaging solution that allows your practice to remind patients about upcoming appointments via text messages, phone calls or email. Watch this video for an overview.
 Part two - How to: Configure Rules for Reminders
The first step to configuring Updox Reminders is setting up Reminders Rules.
 Part three - How to: Create Reminders Script Templates
Script templates allow you to personalize your message and the information you want your patient to know about their upcoming appointment.
 Part four - How to: Use Scheduling Configurations with Reminders
Scheduling functionality allows you to further customize your Reminders messages for the reason patients are visiting your office. These options allow you to determine what patients will hear and read within the Reminders messages for specific appointment types.
 Part five - How to: Go Live with Reminders
When you go live with Reminders, reminder messages will begin being sent to your patients immediately so make sure you have completed all of your configurations.
 Part six - How to: Use the Reminders Dashboard
The Reminders Dashboard is a consolidated view of all appointments and the status of those appointments. It is the only place to view future appointments to see when reminders are scheduled to be sent.